Hand dryers

Hand dryers

The Jet Towel Pro (part of Living Environment Systems from Mitsubishi Electric) is the ultimate benchmark for electric hand dryers. This tight-lined hand dryer is ideal for busy buildings, production spaces and hygiene locks, where ultra-high requirements are made of hygiene, comfort, flawless quality and durability.

The Jet Towel requires little wok compared to filling up with paper tissues or rolls every day: emptying and cleaning the air filter and regularly cleaning the tray is done in no time at all.

This appliance dries the hands in approximately 10 seconds depending on the setting. The hand dryer produces very little noise (only 56-59 dB) and has a drip tray for residual water. Two points that make the Jet Towel a product that truly stands out: You save on natural raw materials and promote sustainable business practices. Besides the ecological perspective, economically seen the purchase of an electrical hand dryer is the right choice in many cases.

The Jet Towel Pro hand dryer has been certified by the independent internationally recognised standardisation body for public health and safety (NSF) in conformity with the most stringent requirements (NSF/ANSI 169). And users certainly also appreciate the Jet Towel: it dries quietly, quickly and extremely hygienically. It is simple and intuitive to operate and ensures a clean and pleasant environment for customers, employees and everyone involved with servicing and maintenance.

The Jet Towel Pro is available from BOONS FIS in white as standard (standard for the food industry), but is also available in silver grey or black on request.

Ask for our catalogue for a full overview of the possibilities!

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  • Very hygienic with touchless operation and a pure air flow
  • No logistical obligations = minimisation of maintenance work
  • Highly efficient: hands are dry in no less than approx. 10 seconds
  • Very low noise level: only 56-59 dB
  • With drip tray