Industrial washers and washing systems

Industrial washers: Our tireless workhorses

Industrial washing systems, also known as industrial washers, are the tireless workhorses from food processing to heavy industry. They provide thorough and effective cleaning solutions for various items, from machinery to crates, parts, and tools.

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Here are some of their many advantages:

  • Efficiency
    Industrial washers can clean larger quantities of items in less time compared to traditional manual labor. This saves time and increases productivity.
  • Thorough Cleaning
    Industrial washers are designed to remove stubborn industrial contamination like oil, grease, and chemicals, which may not be fully removed by traditional washing methods.
  • Durability
    These machines are built to withstand heavy use and wear, making them more reliable and durable than manual labor.
  • Safety
    By regularly and thoroughly cleaning materials and equipment, industrial washers help ensure workplace safety. For example, keeping crates clean reduces the risk of cross-contamination in food-processing environments.
  • Environment
    Our industrial washing systems are energy and water-efficient, helping to minimize environmental impact.

Need tailored solutions?

Washers for every sector

We have industrial cleaning equipment for every sector! Our range includes a variety of industrial washing systems designed for the automatic cleaning of components used during the production process, such as tools, buckets, plates, crates, knives, and more. All devices meet the strictest hygiene and safety requirements.

Our collection of industrial washing systems includes, among others, tool washers and crate washers. These are mainly used in the food processing or automotive industry and are ideal for cleaning plates, small materials, and buckets. We are experts in crate cleaning.

Our offerings include small systems for 80 crates per hour to large systems for 3000 crates per hour (and everything in between), optionally equipped with a logistics or transport system.

Our range of washers

We excel in standard cart cleaning, whether automatically via a system with a pneumatic tilting platform and rotating nozzles, or through a frame for manual cleaning with a lance.

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