Industrial washing installations

About Industrial washing installations

You can go to BOONS FIS for industrial cleaning appliances for any sector! We offer numerous industrial washing installations for automatically cleaning parts used during the production process such as tools, buckets, plates, crates, cutters, etc. All appliances are also built and inspected according to the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements. 

The industrial washing installation category includes installations such as tool washers or crate washers that are also available from us. These are usually used in the food or automotive sector and are suitable for cleaning plates, small material, buckets and other items. We are also the specialist in everything concerning crate cleaning. We offer small installations for 80 crates per hour, large installations for up to 3,000 crates per hour (and everything in between), with or without logistical or transport system. Neither does standard trolley cleaning hold any secrets from us. This can take place automatically in an installation with pneumatic tilting section and rotating sprayers, or a frame can be provided to tilt the standard trolleys for manual cleaning with a lance.

Besides tool washers, crate washers and standard trolley washers, we can also assist you in the search for the right blade washing installation. BOONS FIS is also the place to go for both continuous installations (washing and disinfection) and compact blade sterilisers.

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