Mechanical handling for industrial processes

Mechanical handling systems: Our efficient conductors

Let's imagine a factory that processes products, ranging from food to industrial parts, without efficient mechanical handling. Unthinkable, right? Without mechanical handling, the production process would be both time-consuming and potentially dangerous. Workers would be burdened with manually lifting and moving heavy euro bins full of products or raw materials.

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Manual actions would not only reduce productivity but also increase the risk of injury from overexertion. Additionally, the precise weighing and mixing of ingredients would be a laborious and error-prone task without the proper weighing and mixing systems. Enter the efficient conductors: mechanical handling systems.

Handling for industrial purposes

The lack of suitable equipment for moving and storing products leads to inefficiency and possible damage to products. With mechanical handling, this scenario changes drastically.

Smooth product management in the production area and on the work floor

Workers can easily and safely move Eurobins or DOLAV containers using automated lifters and tilting systems. This increases the efficiency of the process and reduces the risk of injuries. Industrial scales ensure precise measurements, improving the quality of the end product. Mixing systems provide consistent and thorough mixing of ingredients, resulting in uniform and high-quality end products. Storage systems help to optimally utilize storage space and minimize the risk of damage to products. Tilting systems facilitate the logistical process of a production line.

Our mechanical handling equipment ensures a smooth, efficient, and safe production and distribution process, allowing the company to save significantly on time and costs while ensuring product quality and worker safety.

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Range of handling equipment

Hygiene and safety are paramount in mechanical handling

All our mechanical equipment is designed with a focus on hygiene and safety. They guarantee hygienic work environments and safe working conditions for employees while significantly increasing productivity.


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