Plant equipment

About Plant equipment

You can go to BOONS FIS for all stainless steel plant equipment and furniture. This stainless steel plant equipment is ideal for companies where strict hygiene rules are in force. The furniture is suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, catering companies, the care sector, etc.

The stainless steel furniture can be used in the production hall, but also for example in changing rooms, hygiene locks and so on. The work tables and rinsing sinks are extremely suitable for installation in spaces where food is processed. The work tables and rinsing sinks are available in all possible dimensions and designs. These stainless steel tables can be fitted with shelves, sliding doors, they can be adjustable in height, etc. the possibilities are endless! Stainless steel lockers and benches are ideal in changing rooms where hygiene is also a strict requirement. There are also very many different designs available here. The range of stainless steel lockers, benches and tables is supplemented by a variety of smaller furnishings and accessories such as waste bins, dispensers and lecterns.

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