Hand disinfection/soaping system

Soaping and disinfecting the hands is an important part of the personal hygiene process. Hands are indeed a very significant risk for passing on micro-organisms. After thoroughly washing the hands your visitors or employees must also disinfect their hands before entering the production spaces. We offer various soaping and disinfecting machines here. You can, for example, choose the HD hand disinfection unit, a simple automatic system to disinfect or soap the hands. When the hands are inserted in the openings, the four built-in stainless steel nozzles spray the disinfectant or soap onto both the top and bottom of the hands. In so doing this appliance guarantees the thorough disinfection or soaping of the hands.

If you are looking for equipment with more enforcement and control, you can choose a hand disinfection system in combination with a turnstile. After completing the soaping or disinfection of the hands, the turnstile (full height) gives access and the employee or visitor can enter production in all safety.