Pressure-booster units 20 bar

Thanks to their specific construction, these pressure boosting units are very reliable and can be equipped with a water tank (optional) built in accordance with EN 1717 and in conformity with product standard EN 13077. The eSPU-20-GR and eMPU-20-GR booster units meet the highest quality standards and can be used in a wide range of sectors. The eSPU-20-GR consists of 1 pump, the eMPU-20-GR pump units are multipart units (built with 2 to 6 pumps) with a higher flow rate.

The booster unit is built with a multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal pump from Grundfos. This uses a structure with structured impellers. This technology guarantees a long pump life and higher efficiency. The automatic start-stop system combined with intelligent control ensures low consumption of electricity and water, and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

The booster unit pressurises the mains water (up to 20 bar). The built-up water pressure is pumped to the collection stations via a pipeline network. There, the operator can start cleaning. When the operator opens the take-off point, the booster unit switches on. When the take-off point is closed, the booster unit goes into standby.

Optionally, all units are expandable with a 200, 400, 800 or 1600 litre water tank. Pre-pressure and temperature protection are also optionally available.