Hand-washing sinks with Dyson Airblade

Hand-washing sinks with Dyson Airblade

Wash and dry hands over the sink. You can wash and dry your hands without touching the tab. Moreover, this tab saves on costs, space and waste.

Airblade technology allows hands to be dried over the sink in just 14 seconds. This is done without the use of heating, so less energy is used compared to standard hand dryers.

Users do not have to walk to a separate dryer, so there are fewer drops on the floor.

With the Dyson AirbladeTM Wash+Dry hand dryer, there is space for extra dispensers, appliances or other facilities. It frees up space where separate hand dryer units would hang.

This is also the only hand dryer that is HACCP International certified for use in the food industry.

Optionally, these hand-washing sinks can be finished with a stainless steel casing to protect the technology. This can be done very budget-friendly, with a U-plate, or more aesthetically with a stainless steel lower console with removable front.

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  • HACCP International certified for use in the food industry

  • Energy-efficient

  • Hand washing and drying by sensors

  • Supplied with certificate of stainless steel used (AISI 1.4301), no use of ferritic steels (400 series) that are magnetic and liable to corrode

  • The hand-washing sinks have an extremely smooth surface, being a great benefit to hygiene compared to the sandblasted alternatives, for example

  • Everything is 100% rounded off jointless for optimal hygiene, no angles or edges where dirt and bacteria can originate

  • Meets the highest quality requirements for the food and general industry

  • Robust construction and elegant finish

  • Customer-specific solutions can be supplied


Lower cabinet unit

Lower cabinet unit