Decentralised stations BSW

In the range of decentralised cleaning systems, BOONS FIS offers the high-quality cleaning stations BSW 'by BOONS FIS', which are very user-friendly and effective. With this decentralised satellite BSW, there is only a choice between two functions; rinsing (R) and chemistry (C). This way, the operator can easily rinse and foam or disinfect by choosing one of the options with the simple selector switch.

When there is a need for different chemicals or other doses throughout the production area, decentralised cleaning is chosen. This is also the logical choice if the production area is not very large.

In this system, decentralised satellites are mounted in the production area, which may or may not be connected to a booster unit via a pipework. The stations are fed via a suction hose in the jerry can placed underneath.
Depending on the desired pressure, the take-up stations can be connected directly to the pipework (working between 3 and 6 bar) or to a booster unit. 

The BSW decentralised stations are robust, reliable and very easy to use. All this to make your cleaning process work optimally.

BOONS FIS will be happy to help you choose between a central (CS) and a decentralised (DSW, BSW) installation. Read our interesting blog on this subject.