World Day for Safety and Health at Work

25 Apr
  • Monday 25 April 2022
  • Category: Mechanical handling

We may assume that most companies in all sectors look after health and safety on the shop floor. They must be aware of a number of factors that can make accidents more likely, the most common being defective machinery, human error, an unsafe working environment and inadequate organisational structures.

BOONS FIS paid a visit to Mebrom in Zelzate on the occasion of ‘'World Day for Safety and Health at Work’. MEBROM, originally founded in Belgium in 1982, has grown to become a well-known global distributor of agrochemical products with a wide range of decontamination, pest control, disinfection and biostimulation products, while offering as gas destruction and recovery services. Mebrom integrated a BOONS FIS standard trolley lift with cage in its production area. The lift allows the safe lifting and tilting of a standard trolley that can weigh up to no less than 250 kg. This is done fully automatically using the control box attached to the outside of the cage around the lift. Then no one in the immediate vicinity of the lift is at risk of injury.

Mebrom was extremely satisfied with the operation of this machine and installed a second elevator in their production area.

The production process can then proceed safely so continuity is ensured. If there is an accident, this usually also means halting the production process, additional costs and delays that every company wants to avoid.

Investing in good safety contributes to a very important aspect at the company - the welfare of the employees.

Accidents on the shop floor have consequences for the victim, other employees and the company itself to boot. The working climate may also suffer. Does everyone still feel safe?

If there are repeated accidents, uncertainty and concern will particularly grow among colleagues. This can ultimately be detrimental to the company's reputation, potentially with consequences in terms of turnover or the success of the company.

So it is in every company's interest to develop a policy plan here. A safety working group can determine where certain measures must be implemented. Prevention is also a very important aspect with general welfare at work in mind. Awareness can be raised among all employees by training or at workshops.

With an extensive range of industrial handling equipment, BOONS FIS is a specialised partner for every company that wants to invest in a safe working environment or production process. These systems have been specially designed to assist with the transfer, control and storage of your material such as Eurobins or standard trolleys, Dolav containers, drums, etc. They provide physical support for operators when handling heavy trolleys, containers, etc. with less risk of physical injury.

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