Watertank BT800-C

Watertank BT800-C

The BT800-C water tank can be connected to the full range of pressure boosting units of 20 bar and pressure boosting units of 40 bar "by BOONS FIS". The added advantage of this tank is that peak loads can be absorbed given its 800-litre capacity.

This tank is specially designed with an eye for detail and equipped with high-quality components that guarantee a long service life and optimal performance.

The water tank is completely constructed from high-quality stainless steel, working stand-alone and is connected in the control system of our pump units. If the level in the water tank gets too low, the pump unit is switched off to prevent dry-running. The water tank can optionally be equipped with a filling valve for cold and hot water. The appropriate valve is then controlled according to the desired temperature of the water in the tank.

The water tank is equipped with:

  • Overflow according to EN1717
  • Safety and conformity are crucial. The BT800-C complies with standard EN1717, meaning it features a secure overflow system that prevents backflow and protects your water sources from possible contamination.
  • Filling valve
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Stainless steel base plate fitted with 4 adjustable machine feet
  • A stainless steel ball valve allows easy and complete emptying of the tank for e.g. periodic cleaning.
  • Control box
  • Pressure transmitter for level measurement
  • Belgaqua approved

With the BT800-C water tank, you choose a superior storage solution that offers safety, durability and control. Designed for the demanding user, this tank promises a long service life and minimal maintenance costs.

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  • Highly compact and hygienic design
  • Compliant with the EN1717 and EN13077 standards
  • Back-flow of water and chemicals to pipe system not possible
  • Offers extra comfort with peak loads