Disinfection bath DB

Disinfection bath DB

The DB disinfection bath is installed at the entrance to the production space and compels visitors to step into the cleaning bath and decontaminate the shoes or boots. The bath is filled with disinfectant to above the anti-slip grate.

The bath has water drainage and a stainless steel grate. The DB is installed on the floor and has a drainage area to prevent the excessive consumption of disinfectant.

Another version is the DB/E disinfection bath. The difference with the DB disinfection bath is that this bath is not installed on the floor but can be in-built. The DB/E also has a drainage area.

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Disinfection bath DB


  • For disinfecting shoes and boots
  • Suitable for both floor assembly and building in
  • Anti-slip grate
  • Water drainage
  • Drainage area to prevent the excessive consumption of disinfectant