Ashland Specialties Belgium

Ashland is a worldwide chemicals concern with head office in the US. Ashland Specialties Belgium has already been producing methyl cellulose for many years. This is a binding agent with numerous applications in our daily lives. BOONS FIS produced a complete custom-made high pressure unit to meet all the company's particular needs and desires. 

More specifically, Ashland was in search of a high pressure unit that could be set up outdoors and used in all weather conditions. BOONS FIS developed a compact and weather-resistant stainless steel housing for the installation. We fully insulated the inside of the housing that is provided with an electrical heating element. This means the installation can also be kept frost-free in freezing weather! 

Inside the housing we installed a 200 bar high pressure unit including a reel and different accessories. The spray gun connected to the reel is fitted on the outside of the unit. Then the housing does not have to be opened, and all materials are always optimally protected also during use. This also mean the unit is always on stand-by for use in any conditions. 

Taking account of all the customer’s wishes enabled BOONS FIS to produce their ideal unit. Do you also have a specific question or are you in search of custom-made work? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team. We will be pleased to assist you!