Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry, a winner in BOONS FIS range of hand-washing sinks

26 Sep
  • Tuesday 26 September 2023
  • Category: Hygiene equipment

Food processing companies place great importance on personal hygiene, as human contamination is a major risk factor in this sector. Good personal hygiene starts with a well-thought-out and well-equipped hygiene lock. At BOONS FIS you are assured of a wide range of options for optimal personal hygiene. For example, you will find sole cleaners, hand disinfection systems, hand wash basins and hygiene stations.

Where are those clean and dried hands?

The hand washing sinks are an important link in the process within a hygiene lock. BOONS FIS offers four options for operating these sinks: a knee push button, a knee sensor, a tap sensor and a completely contactless operation, including hand drying, with the Dyson AirbladeTM Wash+Dry taps.


This Dyson tap automatically switches between water and air. The water jet or air flow is activated by intelligent infrared sensors depending on the position of the hands.

HACCP certified

With the AirbladeTM Wash+Dry technology, hands can be blown dry over the sink in just 12 seconds. This happens without the use of heating, which means less energy is consumed compared to standard hand dryers.

Users do not have to walk to a separate dryer, so fewer waterdrops fall on the floor. In addition, this tap saves on costs, space and waste. With the Dyson AirbladeTM Wash+Dry hand dryer, there is room for additional dispensers, appliances or other facilities. After all, space will become available on the wall where the loose hand dryers would hang.

This is also the only hand dryer that is HACCP International certified for use in the food industry.

Optionally, these hand-washing sinks can be finished with a stainless steel casing to protect the Dyson Airblade technology and motor.

This can be done very budget-friendly, with a U-plate, or more aesthetically with a stainless steel undermount console with a removable front.


  • Infrared activation without touching
  • Hand drying time measurement: 12 seconds*
  • *measurement based on National Sanitation Foundation Protocol P335
  • Auto lock is enabled after 30 seconds
  • Air speed at openings: 692 km/h
  • Air flow usage: up to 29 l/sec
  • Max. altitude above sea level: 2000 m

The water function:

  • Water flow rate: 4 l/min with normally used aerator.
  • 1.9 l/min with low flow aerator, supplied with the product.
  • Power supply tap: Mains voltage
  • Water temperature controller thermostatic mixer tap (not included)
  • Required water pressure: 1-8 bar

The advantages:

  • No water on the floor
  • Costs less to use
  • The most hygienic
  • Better for the environment
  • The fastest hand dryer above the sink
  • Saves space
  • 5 years warranty

Dyson technology

  • Digital V4 motor from Dyson with pulse technology that runs three times faster than a regular conventional motor.
  • HEPA filter removes 99.9% of bacteria from the air and therefore blows purified, clean air.
  • With the AirbladeTM technology, the V4 engine sucks 35 liters of air through the HEPA filter. The air is blown through the 0,8 mm wide openings at 690km/h blowing off the water from the hands.

NSF Protocol P335

The Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryer is the only hand dryer that complies with the NSF protocol P335 in all aspects. This makes the Dyson AirbladeTM the only hygienic hand dryer. air is blown through the 0.8 mm wide openings at 690 km/h, blowing water off the hands.