The ultimate cleaning system for emergency vehicles

2 Dec
  • Thursday 02 December 2021
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

BOONS FIS a specialist in custom-made cleaning systems. It is important that the striping is not damaged when washing ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles. The adhesion of stickers must also still be guaranteed after frequent washing and spraying down.

To ensure clear visibility in the evenings and at night, it is also important that the reflectors retain their maximum brightness. The SWU by BOONS FIS is the ultimate cleaning system for getting this job done.

To do this, the R&D department at BOONS FIS developed a clever solution with an adapted operating pressure together with an appropriate flow rate. This precise adjustment combined with the right nozzles and lances guarantees the optimal cleaning of the reflectors without causing any damage. A stunning result after an extremely thorough test phase. This system is also extremely suitable for other vehicles with stickers or lettering.

The cleaning system also has rinse, foam and disinfect functions. The chemicals are drawn in through hoses from the jerry cans placed under the SWU (possibly in a closed off jerry can holder).

The electromechanically operated switch is used to select the required cleaning procedure: rinse, foam or disinfect. The SWU gets the whole job done in no time at all. Simple and precise.

The wall unit consists of a centrifugal frequency-controlled pressure-booster pump with integrated satellite, a reel with associated hose, spray lance with gun and nozzles. BOONS FIS also takes responsibility for the installation of the cleaning system with adapted stainless steel piping.

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