World Food Safety Day 2024 - Prepare for the unexpected

6 Jun
  • Thursday 06 June 2024
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

On 7 June, we celebrate World Food Safety Day, an important day that reminds us of the crucial role of food safety in our society. Food safety is essential not only for our health, but also for consumer confidence in the food chain.

At BOONS FIS, we understand the importance of keeping hygiene and cleaning at the highest level to ensure the safety of our food.

As hygiene and cleaning specialists, we offer innovative solutions and services that help companies to achieve and maintain the strictest standards.

🔴 Our Mission:

We are committed to supporting our customers in creating a clean and safe environment in which food is produced and processed. Our expertise and dedication ensure that our customers in the food sector are ready for the immense challenges in food safety. From deep cleaning of equipment and production hall to the implementation of hygiene installations and hygiene protocols.

🔴 Our Services:



  • BOONS FIS builds complete hygiene locks that are an indispensable link in food-safe production. Our experts provide tailored advice and training to ensure that your staff is always aware of the latest hygiene regulations and practices.
  • BOONS FIS uses the latest technologies and methods to ensure food safety and increase efficiency.

On this World Food Safety Day, we would like to emphasize that food safety is a joint responsibility. The theme ‘Be ready for the unexpected’ underlines the need for proactive measures to plan for and address these risks. Let's work together to ensure that every meal is safe and nutritious, from farm to fork. 💪🍴Discover the food safety blogs on the BOONS FIS website.

Do you have questions about how we can support your business in hygiene and cleaning? Feel free to get in touch!