Obtimize - 'In-cloud' monitoring within cleaning processes

28 Feb
  • Tuesday 28 February 2023
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

BOONS FIS developed an online tool to give (food processing) companies more control over their use of water and chemicals, pressure, cleaning times and other parameters during the cleaning of production areas and equipment.

Digitise to optimise

The laws and regulations on cleaning in the food processing industry have been extended and have also become a lot stricter in a short period of time. Some examples are HACCP, EHEDG, food safety and Food Defense. As a result, food processing companies are now focusing much more on recording data and implementing continuous improvements. An online platform which collects this information can obviously be a big help in this context.

'Obtimize' enables 'in-Cloud' monitoring of all parameters within the cleaning process. The data that is collected is reliable and indispensable to oversee and map the cleaning process. Collecting this data centrally reduces the risks of errors and optimises the use of chemicals (foam and disinfectant) and water. Generating this end-to-end view will therefore undoubtedly results in lower costs and time savings. You work with your familiar (BOONS FIS) equipment, just in a  smarter way. Digitise to optimise.

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Measuring more is knowing more

BOONS FIS has invested in a powerful online tool that maps your entire cleaning system. Obtimize collects all data on a personal dashboard and is different from other systems with a more in-depth analysis of all cleaning satellites in the cleaning system. Each branch (satellite) measures each (chemical) product separately via a sensor, providing a huge amount of information on how the entire cleaning system works.

From here, the necessary adjustments can be coordinated and the cleaning process optimised, resulting in improved performance and, not insignificantly, lower costs.

More sensors - more control

The use of multiple flow/temperature sensors per satellite offers some interesting advantages:

  • Each sensor only comes into contact with 1 product, so there is a very low risk of crystallisation or damage (when in contact with different products).
  • 100% certainty of the measured product making it easy to detect whether the correct nozzle is being used. In this way, great water savings can be achieved. It is the operator's responsibility to oversee the use of the correct nozzle(s).
  • Clear indication of possible errors.

The calorific flow/temperature sensors are durable and easy to replace.

Linked parts web shop

Obtimize also includes a personalised parts web shop. This is where you can find all available parts, with image and additional info, for your installation or unit. Simply add the parts you need in the shopping basket and your order will be forwarded directly to the BOONS FIS warehouse.

With this service, linked to the Obtimize account, customers are assured of fast and accurate parts delivery so that production is not compromised.

'Obtimize' offers a host of benefits

'Obtimise' your workflow

  • Clear view on consumption, performance, specific locations, satellites or operators ... - all parameters are displayed in a clear overview (in real time or at a later time)
  • You can complete cleaning tasks according to your own needs with customer-friendly analysis and reporting. Even smaller companies (without a Scada or MES system) can perform a solid analysis.
  • Possibility to share collected data with most common data systems (SAP, + other examples?)
  • Better planning
  • Alert notification via email or text message to the person in charge
  • Reduces administrative tasks, follow-up and time commitment

Risk mitigation and liability

  • Food safety: with Obtimize you can also retrieve the data / settings / ... and consult or present it to provide evidence of correct cleaning (e.g. third parties)
  • Complete control of cleaning processes
  • Collect data in a secure Cloud environment for ... years. Communication to the Cloud via a fully standalone 4G connection or via a virtual network on the customer's IT / OT system, all according to customer requirements and security vision.
  • Auditors can immediately start working with collected data


  • Cost control
  • More precise adjustment (e.g. the right nozzles also affect consumption)
  • Time-saving (working hours)
  • Complete control of the use of water and chemicals


  • Reducing consumption of water and chemicals is better for the environment

Optimal & safe

  • For the security of your company-related information, BOONS FIS relies on reputable partners.
  • All data are optimally secured and remain your (the end customer's) property at all times.

Why Obtimize?

If you choose a cleaning system from BOONS FIS with one or more cleaning processes, satellites, operators, ... then keeping an overview is crucial for good results. The 'in-cloud' monitoring system Obtimize helps you to optimise your workflow. Especially in times of high energy and production prices, it is important to pay due attention to this.

'Obtimize' - Your device, only smarter

Optimise your cleaning system and make a difference. Contact our sales department for more info at sales@boonsfis.com.