The crate washers from BOONS FIS, efficient and durable

28 Nov
  • Tuesday 28 November 2023
  • Category: Washing installations

You buy a crate washer because your crates have to be washed quickly and efficiently. It is advisable to carefully consider in advance which crate washer is most suitable for your production process. If you make the wrong choice, a lot of energy and water can be lost. In this blog we will look at how the right crate washer(s) can yield extra profit.

The right crate washer in the right place

Initially it is therefore important to make the right choice in the range of crate washers. Therefore, it is best to first collect some characteristics and wishes in advance:

  • What type of crate is used?
  • How many crates should it be possible to clean per hour?
  • What is the nature and degree of contamination of the crates?
  • Be sure to take into account the available space where you want to place the crate washer and the necessary connections and drains.

All factors that are important when choosing the right crate washer.

Economical with water

Through smart filtering, the rinse water can be reused in the washing zone. The used water from the rinse zone automatically flows back to the water tank where it is brought up to temperature (85° C). This water is sent back to the washing nozzles (in the washing zone) by a pump, under pressure. This smart reuse ensures that the water in the washing tank stays at the temperature more easily. This operation not only reduces water consumption but also results in significant energy savings.

Adjustable lead time

Crates that are less heavily contaminated can save additional time and energy through a shorter lead time. By means of a frequency controller the speed of the conveyor chain can be adjusted using (option). With faster transport, the crates spend less time in the tunnel, so that less energy and water is consumed.

KWM Crate washers from BOONS FIS

This machine is designed for washing E1-E2-E3 crates with a maximum size of 600 x 400 x 300 mm. The crates can be transported along the 400 mm side as well as along the 600 mm side. This crate washer always consists of a main washing zone followed by a rinsing zone.

One-person operation can optionally be provided. That operator can then remain at the inlet opening of the crate washer to feed the dirty crates and remove the washed crates.

Innovative and environmentally conscious corporate image

In the food processing industry, water is mainly used to clean products, areas and equipment. Water-saving investments are gaining importance because there is a great need for water every day and because companies want to do business sustainably. It is also an important aspect to making your company future-proof, given the growing attention and regulations about circularity from the government.

Water is therefore an important factor for food processing companies. Most companies profile themselves as sustainable companies and benefit from not wasting water and reusing water where possible. This is an extra asset for companies that are looking for a new, sustainable partner.

Investing in an industrial crate washer (or other industrial washing installations such as a standard trolley washer) from BOONS FIS is a great way to consciously save on water consumption. The rinse water is filtered and reused in the washing zone. When washing crates by hand, the used water is not collected for reuse. Usually it disappears almost immediately down the drain, resulting in a more expensive water bill.

Contact our sales department for more information about these crate washers.