Hygiene in the pet food sector

21 Dec
  • Thursday 21 December 2023
  • Category: Hygiene equipment

As with the production of food for human consumption, the health and well-being of our pets must also be a priority in the production of their food. Manufacturers therefore have a great responsibility.

Risk of contamination

One of the main points of attention is contamination during the production process. Salmonella and listeria are the most common contaminants that producers should be vigilant for.

Not only the well-being and safety of our beloved pets is at stake, but also the reputation of the production company. A recall not only damages the company financially, but also plummets consumer confidence.

(Personal) hygiene in the production of animal food

In order to guarantee the safety and quality of pet food, manufacturers must invest in hygiene processes and the associated hygiene devices. The risk of introducing bacteria into the company and the production hall must be reduced to a minimum. This can be done through a well-thought-out hygiene protocol, specifically elaborated on the needs within the company.

In most cases, this results in a fully equipped hygiene lock with both hand hygiene devices and hygiene devices for footwear, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

An extensive range of hygiene equipment

BOONS FIS has the know-how and experience to set up your hygiene lock and has an extensive range of hygiene equipment with various applications and options:

This high-quality equipment is a prerequisite to achieve the objectives, but this of course accompanied by consistent and correct use of the operators (and possibly visitors). Only then can manufacturers produce and supply high-quality and safe pet food.

Cleaning procedures

In addition to personal hygiene, a cleaning procedure should also be established after a thorough analysis of the company's disinfection and cleaning needs. This procedure contains a list of cleaning activities and frequencies, a master plan. The aim is always to limit/control the safety risks in and around the production of animal food.

As with the production of food for humans, HACCP is also an important measure of value in the animal food sector in addition to good hygiene practices.

This complete package is written out in the master plan that is central to the company's approach. It includes the following points of attention:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting installations and equipment: BOONS FIS offers a complete range of central and decentralized cleaning systems 'by BOONS FIS'. Whether or not linked to 'Obtimize', an online tool to offer (food processing) companies more control over water and chemical consumption, pressure, cleaning times and other parameters when cleaning production areas and equipment. Read all about it in our blog.
  • BOONS FIS is also your suitable partner for the cleaning of crates, eurobins and Dolavs. Efficient, safe and energy and water saving.
  • Personnel (hygiene, qualification, responsibility, training, ...)
  • Production (prevention of cross-pollination, procedures, ...)
  • Documentation (written procedures, ...)
  • Traceability