Standard trolley mixing installation

Standard trolley mixing installation

The standard trolley tumbler uses a unique mixing system that we developed ourselves. A homogenous mix of the highest quality is then the result. Ideal for mixing delicate ingredients and difficult recipes.

The standard trolley tumbler is suitable for stainless steel standard trolleys of 200 litres. Their use reduces product loss and
damage and considerably reduces physical work. High quality is assured thanks to unique angular displacement. The HMI system enables different programs to be programmed.

The equipment is enclosed and provided with a locked gate, so the safety of each user is guaranteed.

The standard trolley tumbler is also available for 300-litre standard trolleys. This allows larger quantities to be mixed at the same time.

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Standard trolley mixing installation


  • Supplied with certificate of stainless steel used (AISI 1.4301), no use of ferritic steels (400 series) that are magnetic and liable to corrode
  • Meets the highest quality requirements for the food and general industry
  • Specially designed for the food industry
  • Suitable for a capacity up to 250 kg loading weight
  • Suitable for 200-litre and 300-litre standard trolleys
  • Fully automatic mixing programs
  • Robust construction and elegant finish
  • Fully stainless steel design