Founded in 2009, Ojah BV is a manufacturing company that produces and supplies various types of textured plant-based meat alternatives to A-brands, retailers and foodservice companies around the world, from Europe and North America to Japan and Australia. When it comes to cleaning production areas and materials, Ojah always chooses BOONS FIS. A new central cleaning system 'by BOONS FIS' was put into use at the Ochten branch.

Ojah's unique technology based on High Moisture Extrusion (HME) converts vegetable protein and water into products with a meat-like bite and texture. Ojah products are high in protein, low in fat, gluten-free, clean label, non-GMO, BRC and Halal certified, but above all very nutritious and delicious. Their products contribute to better health, a more sustainable environment and are animal-friendly. More than 150 employees work in the production facility of over 10,000 m2, which runs 24/7.

Ojah already had a decentralized cleaning system from BOONS FIS in another production area. This system has the advantage that different chemicals can be used in different production areas by means of jerry cans at the branch points.

Centralized cleaning system 'by BOONS FIS'

With the new central system, central storage of the chemicals was chosen because of the large number of branch points (satellites). The chemicals (cleaning agent and disinfectant) are sucked in centrally and distributed via the pipework to the satellites in the production hall. In this way, the frequent supply of jerry cans with chemicals into the production area is avoided. This works easier and safer.

A distinction was also made between a cleaning system with cold rinse water and a cleaning system with warm rinse water. ...

The large production hall implies that a large number of employees use the cleaning system simultaneously. This number of simultaneous users determines the capacity of the technical installation linked to the central cleaning system.

This includes two pressure boosting installations with break tanks (one for cold water and one for hot water), two CBU dosing units (one for soap and one for disinfectant).

A CS satellite and self-retracting reel with BOONS FIS food approved cleaning hoses are provided for each branch point.

disinfection and foaming installation centralized cleaning systems pressure increase chemical dosing unit CBU Boons FIS
BOONS FIS is entrusted with practical thinking and the search for the right solutions. They do this in a very customer-friendly manner. BOONS FIS is a recommended company.
disinfection and foam installation central cleaning systems pressure increase chemical dosing unit CBU Boons FIS
disinfection and foaming installation central cleaning systems pressure increase chemical dosing unit CBU Boons FIS
Disinfection and foam installations central decentralized cleaning system reel satellite food approved cleaning hose BoonsFIS

Pressure booster

The SPU pressure boosting units increase the pressure of the water pipe to the intended 20 bar that is required to supply all branch points and to guarantee smooth and effective cleaning. The buffer tanks prevent backflow of water (with chemicals) to the central water supply network. They also have a capacity of 200 liters and can therefore compensate for short-term shortages in the water supply.

Chemical dosing units

The CBU dosing units suck in the chemical products from the blue chemical tanks that are stored nearby. The right amount is sent via the pipework to the manifolds of the satellites under the right pressure.

disinfection and foam installations centralized cleaning system CS satellite Stainless steel reel with food approved cleaning hoses Boons Jet spray gun nozzles Boons FIS

Efficient, safe and user-friendly

Ojah preferred a cleaning system that offers the opportunity to work with the chemicals as efficiently and safely as possible. In the central cleaning system 'by BOONS FIS', no further handling of chemicals is required within the production area.

In addition to safety, ease of use is also an important aspect for Ojah. The system provides reliable and accurate adjustment of the use of chemicals. Employees operate the satellites via the selection button (Foam, Rinse, Disinfection) and are assured of the correct doses and effect.

Completely equipped hygiene locks

BOONS FIS also supplied and installed the fully equipped hygiene locks in previous phases. Hand chemical stations HDK-XL, hygiene stations URK, washing troughs WR and stainless steel fencing have been installed in these hygiene locks. Food processing companies place great emphasis on personal hygiene. The BOONS FIS devices are very reliable, easy to use and very maintenance-friendly.

Personal hygyiëne hand disinfection hand chemistry tourniquet HDK BoonsFIS
personal hygiene hygiene lock hygiene station URK hand disinfection unit HDK tourniquet hand washing trough hand dryer
personal hygiene hygiene lock hygiene station URK hand disinfection sole cleaner tourniquet hand washing basin hand dryer Boons FIS

Ojah likes the approach of BOONS FIS

"Questions and problems are quickly picked up and handled by BOONS FIS."

"The installation was carried out by an experienced technician who works independently and does not quickly impose practical problems on the customer. During the installation, the required guidance from Ojah was minimal. The installation looks good and sleek."